Vectorised Facebook login button

Vectorised Facebook login button

As part of my final year project for my University course, I’m in the process of developing a new social-network oriented Android application – and it of course allows users to login via Facebook. As part of the project, I’m doing a fairly significant amount of research into UI design, not all of which is specific to mobile OSs. One fundamental offering a good UI design should deliver is familiarity. So with that in mind…for my Facebook login button, I wanted a Facebook style button.

I was shocked when I came to check out what Facebook offer in terms of branded components, or imagery. Almost nothing. They don’t even allow the use of their “facebook” logo without special permission.

After brushing over the rules and regulations, I came to the conclusion that, as long as you don’t try to pass it off as your own brand, you can make as much paraphernalia as you like! So here’s my contribution…

Download the button

You can download the .psd file directly from me.

As for usage rights, or copyright – there’s none from me, but remember it’s your responsibility to abide by Facebook’s own brand guidelines.

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