1. NFC for charity collection – enabling London to donate

    Lonely charity collector on Old Street, Shoreditch

    Working in central London is fantastic – quirky startups, extravagant multinational headquarters and fancy lunches. But every now and then you catch a small glimpse of the real-world, and your hands-in-the-air moment about the 6 minute wait for the next tube is suddenly put into perspective. Charity collections and homelessness are, at least for me, very harsh and very real reminders that not everyone is as privileged or as lucky as the hundreds of thousands of us commuters angrily rushing to work every day.

    Sorry, I don’t have any change.

    A very honest commuter

  2. Retina MacBook 2015 for web developers

    Retina MacBook 2015

    I managed to get my hands on one of the new 2015 Retina 12″ MacBooks a couple of weeks ago and have been putting it through its paces ever since. I went for the 1.1GHz/256GB base model as I knew – no, thought – I’d just be using for basic stuff – browsing, emailing, listening to music. You know, the stuff people buy iPads for, but in a more…useful…device.

    I say I thought I knew what I was going to use it for, as I assumed it would only be powerful enough to handle the basics. Installing Photoshop hadn’t even crossed my mind. Well, I was wrong. The MacBook has far surpassed my expectations so far. I just keep throwing more and more at it, and it keeps on delivering. I now use it for web development and a fair bit of Photoshop too. I love it, and here’s why…

  3. Sync XAMPP sites with iCloud Drive

    XAMPP + iCloud Drive

    I develop sites on my iMac using Coda 2, XAMPP and my pre-processor of choice – currently Prepros. I needed a way of syncing my development environment between my iMac and new 12″ MacBook, seamlessly, without relying on unnecessary third-party resource hogs like Dropbox or Google Drive.

    Cue iCloud Drive…