1. Vectorised Facebook login button

    Vectorised Facebook login button

    As part of my final year project for my University course, I’m in the process of developing a new social-network oriented Android application – and it of course allows users to login via Facebook. As part of the project, I’m doing a fairly significant amount of research into UI design, not all of which is specific to mobile OSs. One fundamental offering a good UI design should deliver is familiarity. So with that in mind…for my Facebook login button, I wanted a Facebook style button.

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  2. Commence

    Simple HTML markup

    Hello, I recreated my blog.

    It was time to start afresh. A new design, a new approach, and a large helping of motivation will help to keep this place going for years to come.

    The blog itself will be a place for personal events worth sharing, odd programming solutions, new ideas, opinions and some general-interest articles too. I tend to have a very light-hearted approach to life, so I hope to reflect that in future articles. Neatly structured, easy to read, interesting articles. That’s the plan.

    I’ve wanted to start a proper blog like this for months now, but there has always been a reason to postpone it. I know it’s a simple design, but I really wanted the design to allow for a true focus on the content – the fundamental part of the blog.

    To start off, a brief overview of where my passion for web development all started…

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